Paula Menagh

Paula Menagh

The direction of my life changed overnight!

Hi I’m Paula Menagh, qualified in accountancy and taxation and have been offered an amazing opportunity to work alongside the very qualified and experienced Matt to run and manage the  Newton Abbot satellite office. With my experience, enthusiasm, passion and knowledge I am determination to offer a unique service. I am very approachable and my sociability factor will make you feel welcome. All loyal clients please call me on 01823 653250, I am flexible to either see you at either office or an evening appointment at your home.I have been helping individuals and business owners for many years with general accountancy, taxation and practical proactive business advice. I work with start up companies, private individuals and established businesses in a collaborative, trusted advisor role as well as that of an accountant.So along with the normal compliance accountancy work, I make it my mission to build relationships with my clients, and actively take an interest in their business and financial situations and be part of their team.I love my job and get a real kick out of helping clients with their accountancy and business issues, and really make a difference to their financial lives. I work with a wide range of loyal clients who I am passionate at helping understand that accountancy and the ultimate results has an impact on their business.

I like to think I have a great sense of humour and my approach to life is “nothing is too much of a problem and everything has a solution”. I want to make a real difference to you by sharing with you what I do best.

If you’d like to find out more about how I can help you breathe some fresh air into your business call me.